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About Us

Wasiangang is a clothing brand founded by a group of three high school students, Dylan, Keara, and Emma. They created Wasiangang to celebrate their biracial heritage and to honor Asian-American culture. 

Wasiangang designs t-shirts and sweatshirts that displays their multicultural identity. Through the clothing brand they hope to inspire others to embrace unique individuality. People don’t have to be Asian to support or wear their merchandise, the products were designed with the intention that everyone can enjoy them.

The main logo is inspired by the yin-yang. Yin-yang is a concept from ancient Chinese philosophy that illustrates interconnection of different forces. The logo perfectly symbolizes biracial heritage because it demonstrates two ethnicities merging together and includes aspects of Asian history.

One of our signature designs is the city skylines. It shows two cities, one American and one Asian. This harmonic fusion is extremely important to honor, especially during these turbulent times. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has fueled racism towards Asian Americans. The community has become the target of hate crimes and violence. The featured "Stop Asian Hate" shirt was made to spread awareness for the protection of Asians across the country. 

Wasiangang hopes that you will join the Asian American community in spreading acceptance and celebration of multicultural backgrounds.